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How to dress up at a wedding if you are a guest

    In the coming months, with the arrival of spring, we will start to have quite a few events to attend, including weddings. One of the headaches that gives us guests the most is how to go dressed: choose the right garment and accessories.

    It is true that each event has a different dress code and, therefore, weddings have theirs. Knowing it is essential to succeed with our look.

    Dress code for wedding guests


    One of the main factors when choosing a dress is the color since it can not be very striking or very similar to the color of the bride because otherwise we will take away the limelight. Therefore, white and its entire range, is a forbidden color for guests.

    Long or short?

    Another of the most confusing issues is whether to choose a long or short dress. The answer is simple: everything will depend on when the wedding is. In this way, if the wedding is held tomorrow is dress is short, but never above the knee. On the contrary, if the wedding is held at night the rules change a little: you can wear a short dress although you can also wear a long dress. (this however, until a few years ago, was reserved for guests of honor such as the godmother and very close guests).

    Pamela or headdress?

    A few years ago the rule was very strict: pamelas for the morning, headdresses for the night. However, right now you are no longer so strict: you can use both to the taste of each one. Although one thing remains the same, if you want to use it as an add-on you will not be able to remove it throughout the event. Therefore, before choosing it, think about your comfort and which will be more comfortable.

    In short, if choosing these rules of protocol for guests at a wedding it will be easier to find the perfect dress.